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Premium Part【DAY1】hololive GAMERS fes. Cho-Cho-Cho-Cho GAMERS


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Yoyogi National Stadium 1st GymnasiumJapan
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We previously announced a delay in releasing subtitles on ABEMA Live. However, we are pleased to inform you that they will be available today at 4:00 a.m. EST. In addition to the postponement of the subtitle release, we will extend the purchase period for ABEMA PPV until 2:00 a.m. (EST) on July 24th, which can be viewed in Japan and ABEMA Live archives worldwide, and the viewing period until 9:59 a.m. (EST) of the same day. Thank you for your understanding. ーーーー 「hololive GAMERS fes. Cho GAMERS」 Notice Regarding Mio Ookami's Cancelled Appearance As announced on the official X (https://twitter.com/hololivetv) at noon on Monday, May 13, Mio Ookami of Hololive Gamers, who was scheduled to perform at this show, will not be performing due to health concerns. We sincerely apologize to our valued viewers who have been looking forward to this event. We wish Mio Ookami a fast recovery. As a result of discussions with Cover Co., Ltd., due to the sales format and system, we are unable to provide refunds for distributed tickets for this performance due to the postponement of the performance. Thank you for your understanding. ーーーー There was an error regarding the game title of Oink Games, Inc. The correct notation is as follows: ================== 「Let's Play! Oink Games」 『Which Face is This?』 Oink Games Inc. ================== "hololive GAMERS fes. Cho-Cho-Cho-Cho GAMERS" will be held on Saturday, May 25th and 26th, 2024, at the National Yoyogi Stadium 1st Gymnasium in Japan! What is the "Cho-Cho-Cho-Cho GAMERS" event? A dream stage filled with everything the four game-loving members want to do, with game and fan interaction projects and live performances! In addition, the event theme song, Gamers' first original song, will be performed live for the first time! Please enjoy the world brought together by the four members at ABEMA Live! ※The first part of the event can be watched for free on ABEMA Live for both DAY 1 and DAY 2, However, the free part is not included in the premium part, so even if you have purchased the premium part, please be sure to watch the free part first. After the free part, please purchase the premium part and switch to the DAY1 or DAY2 streaming page. DAY1 free part ※Subtitle display timing may vary. Please understand. 日本から視聴する方はこちら For those viewing from Japan, click here

Livestreaming Benefits

①Exclusive original voice drama ②Exclusive smartphone wallpaper with sign data ③Live image with an exclusive handwritten message ※The download link for the livestreaming benefits will be sent to you in the 『Notification』 section in ABEMA Live. The download link will become invalid after one month, so please be sure to download it before the deadline. ※The content of the 「Exclusive Original Voice Drama」 will change for DAY1 and DAY2; DAY1 will feature the 「Relaxing Game Date at Home」 voice, and DAY2 will feature the 「hololive GAMERS Fes: The Way Home at the End」 voice. ※Please note that the voices for the Livestreaming Benefits are in Japanese for both DAY1 and DAY2. ※The ""Exclusive Original Voice Drama"" will be sent according to the following schedule. Please be sure to download it before the deadline, as it won't be accessible for download afterwards. Viewing Period: Until July 15th (Monday), 9:59 AM Time Zone : Eastern Standard Time (EST) Delivery of 「Exclusive Original Voice Drama」 will be conducted according to the following schedule: Purchase or coupon use by 5/26 (Sun), 9:59: Delivery on 5/27 (Mon) Purchase or coupon use by 6/2 (Sun), 9:59: Delivery on 6/3 (Mon) Purchase or coupon use by 6/9 (Sun), 9:59: Delivery on 6/10 (Mon) Purchase or coupon use by 6/16 (Sun), 9:59: Delivery on 6/17 (Mon) Purchase or coupon use by 6/24 (Mon), 9:59: Delivery on 6/25 (Tue) Purchase or coupon use by 7/1 (Mon), 9:59: Delivery on 7/2 (Tue) Purchase or coupon use by 7/8 (Mon), 9:59: Delivery on 7/9 (Tue) Purchase or coupon use by 7/15 (Mon), 9:59: Delivery on 7/16 (Tue) ※The 「Exclusive Edition Smartphone Wallpaper」 with Sign Data' features a common design using the main event images from both DAY1 and DAY2. ※The 「Exclusive Edition Live Images」 with Handwritten Messages feature different designs for DAY1 and DAY2. ※The 「Exclusive Edition Smartphone Wallpaper with Sign Data」 and the 「Exclusive Edition Live Images with Handwritten Messages」will be conducted according to the following schedule: Purchase or coupon use by 6/24 (Mon), 9:59: Delivery on 6/25 (Tue) Purchase or coupon use by 7/15 (Mon), 9:59: Delivery on 7/16 (Tue) Please ensure to download within the specified period, as delivery will not be available after the download deadline.


Shirakami Fubuki Ookami Mio Nekomata Okayu Inugami Korone 【DAY1 Guest】 Oozora Subaru Usada Pekora Houshou Marine Tokoyami Towa

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